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Primary use case: Crunchbase sales users

Main stakeholder: Exec team (CEO, Product, Marketing, Sales)

CB team: Sr. PM, Sr. UXR, six devs, myself

My role: Research, user flows, lo-fi wires, hi-fi prototypes

(MVP) Project duration: October - December 2021


We know that the sales workflow involves research across multiple platforms and tools. 

Many users in sales still depend on external data sources to qualify leads and reach out. 

They have multiple tabs open and find themselves hopping around the web without access to Crunchbase’s rich data.

Project Goals

Our goal is to help sales reps sell faster and more intelligently. 

We can streamline their day-to-day tasks by allowing users to take critical actions from their browsers without switching to a different page. 

The Solution 

We created a Chrome Extension experience that enables sales reps to gather inbound leads across several prospecting tools. 

With the Chrome Extension, you can access the power of Crunchbase right where you need it. 

You can quickly learn about prospects to reduce research time and take action directly from your browser tab. 

We can leverage browsing data from the Chrome Extension to further refine our ML-based recommendations and derived data.



I will post the UX case study soon, including more process-based information.

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