Stamen project for Tableau in collaboration with tech lead, Seth Fitzsimmons. 

"Stamen has long aspired to make it easier for people everywhere to visualize data, particularly on and with maps. In our recent partnership with Tableau, we’ve helped to improve a tool that does just that. Tableau’s latest version, 8.2, comes complete with a mapping suite designed by us. Suddenly it’s that much easier for people all over to make beautiful maps with their data."

The New York Times

Map usage in online Journalism: 
KQED arts 

The basemaps come in 3 Varieties: Light, Dark and Blue Water. 

"Blue Water Basemap" - Blue Waters are meant to provide a similar subtlety as the light maps, only with more natural tones.

"Light Basemap" - Light maps are meant to be as subdued as possible, using hints of terrain to provide texture.

"Dark Basemap" - The dark maps are designed for bright colors, barely hinting at the outline of country borders.

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