The Digital Reflection is an interactive installation that I worked on at Stamen Design with tech lead, Ian Smith-Heisters. The installation is a kinect and mirror-based installation at the Tech Museum in San Jose. The purpose of the installation is to provide a fun, playful experience that allows users to interact with their reflection while viewing their overall pathway and activity through the museum. 

The Digital Relfection installation consists of 4 Kinect stations (shown on the left side of the sketch below)

This exhibition is a collaboration with Stamen Design,  Local Projects and Richard Lewis Media Group.


Video documentation - vimeo 

Installation: User Scenario /Below is a prototyping video that shows the transitions through all user states: Ambient, Load and Checkin Locations

Ambient State: State of the installation when the user approached the one-way mirror screen. A digital reflection appears and tracks the user's movements until the tech tag is scanned / activated via barcode. 

Checkin Locations: State of the installation when the user data is loaded and the tech museum map appears, showing the user's individual path through the space.


Sketches of Exhibition Design: 



Install Documentation and Museum User Testing:

When we also attempted to make a readable abstract map! 


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