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Here I am using sinusoidal information to start (via mouse input) all the particles with some interesting positions

Based on these simple formulas: 
x = x_orig + radius * cos (angle);
y = y_orig + radius * sin (angle);


Project : Audio analysis meets white square (200px x 200px)

Basic Rules: 
a) Start with a white square, 200px x 200px, centered on the screen 
b) Start with a black background
c) Draw nothing else on screen

Pixels with Sound Experiment - More documentation can be found here.

For this project I decided to make an audio/visual system that incorporated the organic movement of four different particle systems. Each particle system corresponds to their own individual waveform or sine wave in Max/MSP, where additive synthesis is being generated. 

Box 2D Experiment

This is a audio-visual project / experiment that I made with openFrameworks and Max/MSP.

The videos below are screen captures. The shapes are controlled via keyboard and mouse input. 

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