This is a proposal to introduce a series of “Innovation Platforms” - table-based interactive displays - to the D12 lab for use by students and faculty of its resident programs. The displays are known as multitouch display surfaces because they allow developers to make software that recognizes multiple direct interaction points (touch by multiple fingers, and multiple people). Using research funds I have developed a prototype that using a methodology known as “Diffused Surface Illumination” (“DSI”). The displays can be configured to allow people to download software to their own laptop computers or to use an onboard computer for running a wide range of interactive multi-touch applications.

There are a number of direct benefits to having DSI surfaces in design-focused academic environments. All of the programs that will call the 12th floor home in the coming year can benefit from applications developed for these unique devices display utilities. The elaboration section, below, contains a more focused description of these advantages. 

We have created a prototype of the hardware that can better express the value of this system. The ultimate goal of this proposal, and the broader research that I will conduct in accord with their implementation, is to inspire faculty and students to use display technology more effectively and creatively in the context of their teaching.

More documentation can be found here.

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